Your experiences

  • "From start to finish, our filming in Bath was an absolute pleasure.  The team at Bath Film Office approached our many requests with a positive attitude and went out of their way to support us. 

    We filmed multiple locations across the city with road closures, traffic management, drone permits and much more - we could never have achieved our ambitious plans without their hard work and assistance."

    Paul Tomlinson from UK - Supervising Location Manager, Bridgerton Series 1, 2021-02

  • On behalf of Outsider, we just wanted to thank you all for your help in facilitating our filming for McDonalds this week and for making it all so easy. Despite the inevitable changes along the way and last minute, unforeseen requirements on set, we found it an easy place to get what we needed permitted and filmed, without the hassle.

    Sam Jennings, Location Manager from UK - Email, 2018-01

  • Huge thanks for your assistance on my recent production. As ever, your replies and guidance were provided refreshingly swiftly and always perfectly on brief. As well as the critical aesthetic of locations, Bath Film Office completely understand the practical considerations every time. It’s always a pleasure working with you and look forward to speaking soon. 

    Monty Till from UK - Location Manager, 2018-02